• What Clients Are Saying


  • Cheryl, Canton

    Felix provided counseling to my husband helping him and us deal with his compulsive sexual disorder. He was able to pretty quickly determine that the issue was due to events that had occurred to him as a child. The process of working with each of us individually, working with us as a couple and providing a men's group for my husband to attend made all the difference. I can say definitively that without Felix and his techniques, mannerism and approach we would not be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. He truly worked with us to help save our marriage and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

    Mike, Ann Arbor

    My time working with Felix has helped me gain some much-needed perspective. It has been valuable because of the opportunities it gives me to sort things out in my life. By trying new attitudes and examining old ones, I was able to move forward with my emotional life. If you feel like you're stuck feeling a certain way, Felix can help show you the reasons why and figure out how to move forward.

    Tom, Ann Arbor

    Felix has helped me face and start to deal with some of the big issues that have been holding me back in my marriage and in my work. He has taught me new skills and strategies to better manage my emotions and take positive action in all areas of my life.

    Jennifer, Plymouth

    My husband and I came to Felix for my marriage counseling after I found out that my husband was having an affair. Felix worked with both of us individually and as a couple to help us through this very difficult time. He helped my husband better understand his emotions and how to communicate his needs in a healthy way, and also to change many of the behaviors that created problems in our marriage. Felix was incredibly kind and compassionate in helping me work through the incredible pain that I felt and in helping me find a way to risk trusting my husband again. I would recommend Felix to anyone who is going through a difficult time in their relationship.

    Charles, Dexter

    I have struggled with various addictions for many years, but I came to see Felix because my anger was causing problems in my marriage. Felix helped me to understand my anger and my emotions in a way that was different from any other therapist that I had seen before. My pasts therapist would often just listen to me talk and try to reassure me, but Felix taught me practical skills that I can use when my emotions are running high. He was easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable sharing things with him that I have been ashamed of for many years. I definitely recommend Felix if you need help dealing with your emotions.