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Process Addiction - Gambling, Spending, Internet, Video Games

Process addiction is an addiction to an activity or process, such as video games, the internet, spending money, or gambling. These behaviors can be as debilitating as those associated with substance addictions, and they require psychological treatment. People sometimes have difficulty understanding these conditions, because they believe that people should just be able to stop negative behavior, but process addicts face the same problems that people with substance addictions do.

The process of addiction is influenced by a variety of factors. A person’s mental state, genetics, childhood experiences, and cultural factors can all contribute to addiction, as can factors like childhood experiences. Addiction is often an escape from unwanted feelings or emotions. In order to treat the addiction, underlying emotional stressors often need to be identified and addressed.

There are many possible causes for addiction including:

      • Grief and loss

      • Anger

      • Depression

      • Anxiety/stress

      • Power/control

      • Boredom/excitement: to create a sense of escape or challenge

      • Shame/low self-esteem

      • Entitlement/reward

      • Relationship issues

I will work with you to identify the underlying issues and help you stop addictive behaviors.