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Out-of-Control Sexual Behaviors

The key to understanding Out-Of-Control Sexual Behaviors (OCSB), Pornography Addiction, and Sexual Addiction is to assess the role that the behaviors play in a person’s life.

People express their sexuality and find sexual pleasure in many different ways. I will never judge you or shame you for your behavior. My goal is to help you determine what is healthy and what is unhealthy behavior, to help you better understand what motivates you to engage in these behaviors, and to help you stop if you so choose.

Often the problem is not the sexual behaviors, but your relationship to the behaviors and the role that they play in your life.

Many people with OCSB and Sexual Addiction struggle to tell the truth about their behaviors. Lying and violations of trust often lead to significant problems in their relationship. I work with couples to help address underlying relationship issues, heal violations of trust, and to rebuild healthy relationship.